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Will there be only three books in the Renegade Angels series?

The Renegade Angels trilogy follows one main story arc divided over three books. Each book features a different romantic couple, but the plot develops over the course of each novel and will conclude with Book #3. That said, the Dominion fictional universe in which the Renegade Angels series is set is quite large and other stories/series take place there.

There are standalone novellas scheduled for release around the three main books that pick up stories of some of the secondary characters. A Dark Kiss of Rapture follows Raze and it released at the same time as A Touch of Crimson. A Caress of Wings follows Siobhán and it’s scheduled to release sometime between A Touch of Crimson and A Hunger So Wild. It isn’t necessary to read the novellas to enjoy and/or understand the full-length titles, because the main plot thread of the trilogy isn’t advanced in the novellas.

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