Sylvia Day
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Have you written books other than In the Flesh under the “Livia Dare” pseudonym?

The Livia Dare name was used only on In the Flesh.

Who is “Livia Dare”?

Livia Dare is a pseudonym that was created at the insistence of my editor to be used on In the Flesh. Technically, the story is futuristic. However, because it has a strong historical feel to it, my editor wanted to …

Is there an epilogue to The Stranger I Married?

Yes. Written at the request of readers, the bonus epilogue was included in the mass market reissue edition. However, you don’t have to buy the reissue to enjoy the epilogue. You can download it right here:The Stranger I Married – …

Who is the model on the original trade paperback cover of The Stranger I Married?

Jack Hartnett. You may remember seeing him in the movie Hitch, which starred Will Smith and Eva Mendez. He played Tom Reda, brother-in-law to Eva’s character.

Will you be writing more about Hester and Michael (from Seven Years to Sin)?

I have to confess, I wasn’t planning on it. However, I’ve had so many reader requests for their story that I’ve decided I must write it. Not that I mind. I love both Hester and Michael. However, it’s difficult to …